Monday, March 11, 2013


When my daughter was around 9 years old, she fell in love with the Little House on the Prairie books. She loved them so much she even dressed like Laura Ingles for about a year or so.

That particular winter we had several huge snowfalls and it seemed winter would never end. What's a Mom to do but read The Long Winter by Laura Ingles Wilder? After reading the whole book in a day, I realized I was not yet chipping ice in order to make coffee, nor did I have to tunnel through the snow to get to my car. The house was warm and cozy and with each passing day spring was getting that much closer.

This winter in the midst of the falling snow, my husband and I battled a different enemy... the flu! For about a week and a half we pathetically took care of each other & wondered if we would ever be well again. Yea, it was that bad!

Day after day, I felt myself begin to lose sight of goals I had prayerfully set back in January. Add to that the fact that we were between internet providers and I had a recipe for disaster! I remember praying for Papa to just help me ride out this storm until the flu was gone and my 'connection with the world' was restored.

Time is such a gift and though it passes ever so quickly, it brings with it clarity & healing. It is wonderful, this thing called time. The flu is gone... Days are warming & lengthening... Daffodils are beginning to bloom out by the only piece of original fence left on our property... Goals are coming back to mind & action plans making their way onto paper for doing... Life is very good... Spring is almost here...

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