Saturday, March 22, 2014

the grass...

and so it's at this time of year that i begin to grow a little weary of the cold. i don't winter very well.
though i love, absolutely love the snow, the cold.... well the cold is on the polar opposite of my chart.

i don't do stark, grey, brown very well. my heart soars at the smallest hint of green, bright and pastel colors... and i begin to long for , yes, even for the grass, to turn it's emerald green of Springtime.

while purging photo files (which is a whole other 'painful' topic for me because i want to keep them all!) i came across some very beautiful photos of the grass and it's friend the wild onion...


seriously! only Papa could do this!! curls of all things!

bowed in worship...
even the wild onion bows to praise Him for the sun, the warmth, the growth... and the dew softly caresses grass.... simply lovely, and so peaceful.

it's the little things, right? :)

happy spring everyone!!

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