Tuesday, April 8, 2014

when you go to mamaw's house...

'except you become as a little child,' the Bible says, 'you shall not see the kingdom of God.' (donna carr translation)
i believe we have so much to learn from the children, and the way they think. the way they live.

the other day, we had a visit from the children grand. they came just the way they were, jammies and cowgirl boots; frilly tops with jackets over them and jammie pants and crocs of course! they were not worried about what they looked like... they were going to mamaw's house and she loves their crazy outfits and wild hair and chippy nail polish. she is just glad they come, just the way they are.

as i watched them, in their innocence without a care in the world, i'm pretty sure they taught me some things...

lesson #1: necklaces can be worn over the shoulder,
and hair clasps need not do anything but be there.

lesson #2: jackets can be worn over ruffled tops and flannel jammie pants with crocs.

lesson #3: wear your mischief proudly. 

lesson #4: minnie mouse gowns can be paired with striped leggings, pink fingernails and cowgirl boots.
(holes in the knees just proves you had extra fun somewhere.)
oh and you must always clap when you are happy!

lesson #5: when you borrow a basket to put flowers in, you must fill the basket by picking every single daffodil minus only two. i repeat, you must fill the basket!

lesson #6: always use your hands when you talk. and cross your legs like a lady.

lesson #6: smile like an 'american girl doll'. and always keep your sister close.

lesson #7: picking all but two flowers makes you all happy inside.

lesson #8: never try to hide your curls.
and there's no shame in havin a little cake on your face.

lesson #9: innocence is priceless 

lesson #9: when you love something, hold onto it. and be thankful for it.

lesson #10: keep learning. and don't be afraid to stick your finger in a hole.

lesson #11: always have a flower in your pocket.

lesson #12: fill your life with music.

lesson #13: always welcome help from those who love you.

lesson #14: always imagine you are on stage when you sing.

lesson #15: just because the guitar is cracked it still sounds great. just let your hair go wild in the wind and strum!

lesson #16: always remember you are loved, you are precious, you are beautiful...


to come just as you are.

to be loved unconditionally.

to live in freedom.

'cause man looks on the outward appearance, but Papa looks at the heart.'

yes, there is so much we can learn from the children... 

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