wedding investment...

                           your wedding day... 

it is one of the most anticipated days in your lifetime. 
nothing compares. 
you will make certain every detail 
has been carefully and creatively planned.
you will want every dress, every flower, every place setting, 
every minute piece of your puzzle to fit together perfectly
so that your wedding day is a precious & priceless memory.
this is where i come in...
as your photographer, i will be the one you entrust to capture 
all the things you have worked so hard to bring 
into your wedding day memory...
the one to capture the events as they unfold on this day 
that you and your fiance' have been anticipating for so very long.
my goal is to work along side of you as you experience each part,
from the time you hang that beautiful gown...
to the time you are confident 
i have captured every possible memory i can.

i look forward to meeting with you to talk about 
all the wonderful things you have planned for your wedding. 

until then...


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